Rephasing Water

Water has memory and so the cells of your body being mostly water of course, have a memory of events that have happened in your life. So the normal use of HL light pens is shining the light upon a glass of water and then drinking it. The water is rephased when you shine the light upon it and when it goes into your system it clears out what we call clusters.

balancing water
  Shine the HL light upon a glass of water, while stirring the water with a tea spoon for about 20 seconds. Then drink it.

"Rephasing" water for a healing bath. Fill your bath tub with water. Shine with the light pen on the water while it cascades into the tub or once the tub is filled use your hand and stir the water while shining the light into the tub - one minute is sufficient. Please don't come to close with the pen when the water is hot as the steam can damage the light bulb.

To balance the food energetically you also shine the HL light upon it for about 20 seconds. You can do this either while cooking or when it is served.

Cleaning Your Home

Cleaning the subtle energy of your home and your environment by "rephasing" rooms and other living areas. This procedure helps to rid your house of, not only malevolent energies (dark energies), but of negative energies. It's a way of "Blessing your home" so to speak.

We class negative energies as the kind of energy that would be left in the house after someone who lived/visited has an illness or depression, or someone who had a lof of suppressed anger for instance. We all collect negative energies on a daily basis and unless we clean ourselves regularly, over a period of time the energy in the house can gradually become more and more negative. In turn, this negativity is more likely to attract other negative energies.

Over time, the negative energy forms clusters, and these clusters become stuck, particularly in corners or cupboards, or other inaccessible places. This is why your home needs to be cleaned on a regular basis.

We have experimented with many ways of cleaning the etheric in a house and have found the most efficient way to be as follows:

balalncing house
  • Rephase some water with your light pen (light and stir the water for approximately one minute).

  • Go into each room and light up the room with the light pen, paying particular attention to the corners, and any other places that do not feature in the main thoroughfare of each room. Then use the rephased water, and sprinkle it in each corner of every room of the house.

  • If you own a black pen you can light up the room with the black pen first and then using any of the other light pens.

  • Create a Personal Remedy

    The basic procedure concerns utilising the HL light, in order to create a personal remedy, based on water that will remove the stagnation inside the body.
    To create a personal remedy by using the motherboard together with the light pens please click here for more instructions.

  • Fill 2/3 of a small bottle (30 ml) that has a dropper with natural spring or mineral water.

  • Shake it very energetically holding it with both hands for at least 20 seconds, up and down.

  • Now take the bottle with one hand and shake it again while you shine the light from the light pen upon it. Do this close up from a distance of 2-3 cm for at least 20 seconds and then stop. The technical term for this process is “rephasing”.
  • This procedure creates the so called "holographic synchronistic remedy", which is why we refer to "Holographic Bioresonance". In fact, through the first and second steps, you will transfer the information of your holographic status from your hands into the water contained in the bottle. This is due to the holographic constitution of our body: i.e. every part contains the entire whole within itself, therefore it also contains its corresponding electromagnetic information.

    With step two, the water is completely informed with the global bio-energetic status of your body, and thus with the energy stagnation stored in it.

    With step three, the water is then "cleaned" by the HL light, which brakes down the stagnation once you drink the water.

    HeavyLight is considered an ethic method, as the remedy is created only by your own energy and without any external infringement.

    Once you have completed the creation of your personal remedy, you take 5 drops of the remedy 3-4 times per day. The drops contain the proper holographic information for your body which will help to remove the stagnation.

    On the 3rd or 4th day, from the initial dose, there might typically be a " transformation crisis". There are two stages of this healing process. First, a lot of toxins will be circulating in the body, because the remedy is dissolving the stagnation, releasing the toxins accumulated.

    At the same time you will experience more energy, because the energy you needed to maintain the stagnation (on which the remedy is now working) is not needed any more.

    During the first stage you can discover, see and re-live again in the mind’s eye what happened to you at the time when the negative information first formed. Ironically, in order to clean oneself, one must first be "polluted" again, in order to release this negative information. It is like calling up an old file on your computer. In this way you will be able to face your negativity and find a new way of considering it, allowing the taint to be consciously dissolved.

    This is the real work on our consciousness and it is absolutely compatible with true spirituality. The transformation crisis is indeed a real quantum leap of our consciousness and it is possible because, by now, there is more energy circulating in the body, which allows you to see the situation with more available power and energy.

    Other Applications

    Shining the light on acupuncture needles and points seems to add the frequency of the light pen to the point. Chi is frequency/energy, so adding a specific frequency via the light pen augments the flow. Seen here the therapist is enhancing the points: Liv.2 and Liv.3, G.B.41 and St. 44.

    The pens can also be used without needles by placing the light over the meridian points, for those of you like massage therapists, that know the locations.

    Lick the base (white half-moon area, called "Lanula") of your fingernails and shine the light on each for a few seconds. This part of the finger-nails is very sensitive to receive the light frequencies.
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