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Working with the light

By Johann Euringer - Germany

I am great believer in the healing ability of Alberto Tedeschi's WHITE® light. I met Alberto a few years ago, he is an Italian scientist who invented the WHITE® light. It is based on the idea of a holographic universe. Tedeschi says our mind, body and soul is a hologram of information - complicated information, he calls those packets of information "clusters". The light emitted by the WHITE respectively HL light pens is also information - it's a very pure system, one that seeks the zero energy state. When you shine the light on a glass of water it rephases the pattern of the molecules, the water becomes more oily-looking. Then you drink it.

As the water goes into your body, which of course is mostly made up of water, it has the effect of breaking up old clusters of information inside your tissues, it clears your energy from an entangled, chaotic state, to a more simple one. The light water seeks to release old unwanted information taking you back to the zero state of harmony and balance. Every atom in the universe has it's own natural energy state, it can acquire energy and move to a faster oscillation but later it has to release that energy and return to it's natural balance.

The clusters of information in your body are formed in childhood when you had fright or a shock, some clusters have come about through illness, other have been created by the ego - it's selfimportance, it's misdirected ways. Then there are clusters of memories inside your cells that have been created by disappointment, or misinformation and confusion, all that is stored in your tissues, and it effects who you are and how you feel.

As you drink the water treated by the WHITE (HL) light you release those old cluster through your urine, usually over a period of days. We first tried the WHITE (HL) light in various seminars, the results were brilliant, and drinking the water brings a very fast release of old energy. I was amazed how well it worked for everyone. People noticed the new clarity, confusion was swept away and they understood the sweetness, the simplicity, the spirituality of a more gentle path.

Because as humans we experience fear we often seek more energy than we need. It's a natural tendency to reach for something, chocolate for example, but that extra energy that we pad ourselves with can cause disease and imbalance. So for example, your liver cells when normal live in a democracy of liver cells each is equal, then let's say because you are angry or scared, certain cells become empowered to become more, they seek to be a liver cell plus a little bit of energy. They seek to rob energy from elsewhere in your body.

If you are familiar with acupuncture, you will know that it is based on the idea of balance between various organs. Your acupuncturists will refer to heat. He or she might tell you that your liver is robbing heat from the heart, because it is overactivated say. Acupuncture tries to redress that balance. The HL light is the same. It repairs the holographic balance that is the natural level of wellness for you.

Imbalance in the cells is much like an egotistical person wanting to be more than everybody else - eating more food, making more noise, being more special, wanting more attention. They seek to suck everybody into their vortex of influence, robbing others of energy to sustain themselves. We build an ivory tower through insecurity or selfimportance. The ego will take the tower upwards. It seeks to have more and more electricity to sustain itself.

Alberto Tedeschi talks about the fool on the roof of the tower - he calls him the lunatic on the roof. He or she has created an edifice of madness for themself. And it is the same with your body - the little liver cells want to become more. They are not happy to live in a democracy of liver cells. They want to become more important, they seek to become the tyrant. They want to be in an oligarchy of liver cells not a democracy. And that is what much imbalance is all about, parts of your body using more energy than they should, striving to be more than they should be.

And as you drink the water treated by the HL light it enters your blood and it breaks up the clusters and returns you to a bio-resonance that is more natural. It brings you back to a stability. So a part of the light's healing is the serenity of stability - the serenity of your natural energy level, rather than a sustained energy level of human emotions and old memories that can take you up the tower.

The lunatic on the roof has to eventually come back down and become the sane person on the grass. When you arrive close to the zero energy point a natural energy state takes place in the hologram which is you. That is the function of the HL light, to break up old energy and return you back to a normal balance. It's amazing how it works - it is very effortless.

Anyway, try it out if you have a mind to, we have had extraordinary results.



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