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HeavyLight system in energy therapies

By Alberto Tedeschi, WHITE HB and Maria Grazia Parisi (MD)

The HeavyLight (HL) system in therapy involves the creation of an isotherapeutic remedy which uses information in the form of electromagnetic signals from the subjects. It works to restore the body to its healthy state of dynamic equilibrium. The current state of imbalance is used as the starting point, and the remedy moves the body towards its natural homeostatic condition.

It is not possible to consider the health of human beings while ignoring the environment in which they live - the physical, cultural, social and psychological aspects of the environment all impact on health. We pay due consideration to this by collecting information from the cells of the body (saliva, blood, urine etc.), and by collecting environmental information from the context in which they live.

In particular, the remedy containing the environmental information will focus on its therapeutic action on problems inherent in that specific field. It is possible to treat conflicts, both in the conscious and subconscious area of the subject's personality, caused by people or things at home, school or work. The environment can also be treated directly, increasing the vitality and cleanliness of the energy.

The best relationship between humans and their environment takes place when there is a continuous flux of clear information and mutual adaptation. To reach this target the subject must freely access the environmental information and be able to freely respond. This information should not be filtered or deviated by behavioural conditioning, prejudices, subconscious reactions or stereotypical behaviour, as this leads to defensive reactions and internal conflicts, eventually resulting in emotional and somatic suffering.

WHITE® Holographic Bioresonance technology used in HL products can connect the body and mind with the environment, in a "clean" way, or "unconditioned" way. The body, now capable of facing itself with what surrounds it and what stands in constant interaction and interdependence with it will use the received information, this time in the best possible way. Instead of registering frictions and negativities coming from circumstances, people and other external objects, the body will integrate the environmental information into its system as if it were part of it, thus naturally modifying its structure and response.


HeavyLight technology works on the horizontal axis of the relationship between body and environment, thus furthering communication between the human body and its environment, whether external or internal. This can obviously foster a relationship with the vertical dimension, that is, with consciousness. Any previous conflicts and constraints can be transformed and more easily resolved through heightened consciousness via this interchange.

The information HeavyLight therapy transfers to the body may be considered to act as an interpreter of the potential and needs of the subject, who will then decide whether and how they can be expressed in their life.

HeavyLight/WHITE® technology is based on principles formulated by quantum physics as it applies to human beings. It was developed by Prof. Giuliano Preparata and by Prof. Emilio Del Giudice; Prof. Del Giudice is currently the scientific coordinator of WHITE® Holographic Bioresonance research in an academic context. One of the most important concepts originating in these studies stresses that a healthy body is basically a dynamic energy dissipator.

This dissipation (which can be translated and detected in the shape of very poor electromagnetic signals) is produced by the phasing (1) of different components of cells, tissues and organs. This dissipation enables the various sections of the body to maintain an exchange of information among them, as well as enabling the body to maintain a constant dialogue with the environment. The total dissipation results both from the summing of the coherence state (2) inherent in the single parts of the body and from the coherence they establish among them; in other words that can be defined as a "coherence of coherences" or "super-coherence".

Where there is an optimal relationship between coherent and non-coherent states, a body/organ/tissue enjoys an advantageous position, having the possibility to distribute information between single parts of the whole system at zero energy cost in a virtually infinitesimal time. This facilitates enormous possibilities of interactions between body/environment, at speed and with great precision. In other words it promotes wellness and health.

The setting in which coherence domains are most easily created, thus in which it is possible to dissipate energy, is the water environment. On average, the human body is 75% water. Once again this emphasises the remarkable role, which has often been underestimated, played by water as the main protagonist of all phenomena which are essential for life.

In biological water HeavyLight technology causes a "rephasing" effect, that is it endows the water in the living body with electromagnetic features and information similar to those found in a healthy living body (super-coherent water). Moreover, water, treated in this way can transfer supplementary therapeutic information resulting either from traditional (synthetic medicines, homoeopathic remedies, physiotherapeutic remedies, Bach flowers, micronutrients...) or from 'vibrational' remedies such as colours, sounds or other information, or the environment in which the subject lives. WHITE® technology used by HeavyLight cannot create an homeopathic remedy or a Bach Flower remedy, as they are prepared in different and specific ways, but it can be used to create a personal remedy that balance all the bioenergetic needs of the body according to the super-coherence state of the healthy body.

(1) David  Böhm
(2) Emilio del Giudice, Giuliano Preparata, Quantum Electrodynamic Coherence


Instruments and Techniques

The HeavyLight instruments available to the therapist:

1    Plate for information transference (Motherboard)
2    Lights
3    Mattress
4    Piastra (little plate) for environment and meridian regulation in the human body
5    Sounds (holographic body)

Transference Plate - Motherboard

The Motherboard is an instrument that cleans up environmental mis-information, so is invaluable to use with any organic matter that contains either water, unhydrogenated vegetable oil (preferably cold-pressed), minerals etc.

The plate is manufactured in either plastic or glass and permanently contains the electromagnetic information impressed within it. This information within the plate contains the complete range of primary and harmonic frequencies contained within biological tissue, enabling it to communicate with any organic substance which comes into contact with it or the receiving body.

Phase 1 In order to enact an "opening" of a HeavyLight remedy, the vessel containing the water which will become the remedy (e.g. a small bottle with a glass dropper) is placed on the plate. When water is in close proximity to the plate, it becomes thinner and resonates with the information contained within the plate, that is, information typical of a healthy body in its optimal state. A few minutes are necessary for the opening (watery substances usually take 1 minute, oil usually takes 5 to 10 minutes, and for powders or dry substances allow 30 minutes).

Phase 2 At this stage any substance that we want to specifically transfer into the remedy can be placed on the motherboard beside the bottle. This step is particularly relevant for people suffering with food intolerances and allergic reactions. The final remedy will contain relevant information about the allergenic substance as well as the information for a healthy body. In this way, the body of the sufferer may rephase and correct its relationship with the substance which has previously caused problems. (called "The Del Giudice effect")

Phase 3 At this point the remedy can be treated with one or more HL lights (see the next chapter). It is necessary to shake the small bottle during the application of light for at least 20 - 30 seconds in order to further the transference of information and the phasing of water. The glass of the dropper bottle should not be touched during the preparation of the remedy. Gloves should be used or the bottle should be handled only by the dropper.

If we want to add some homeopathic remedies (typically with a molecular concentration lower than Avagadro's number), the information should be introduced after the HL light treatment. There is no problem with physiotherapeutic remedies, pure Bach flowers and Steinarian homeopathic remedies.

HL Lights

HeavyLight lights use WHITE® which is an acronym for Wide Holographic Intensified Transferred Energy. White light is used because it is immensely rich in useful frequencies of all colours of the visible spectrum. These colours are also equipped with psycho-physical effects, which have been tested on human beings for a long time.

White light, which is initially incoherent, goes through a synthetic material ring duly treated with specific electromagnetic signals, and capable of retaining and sending them to the light crossing it. Therefore, when light goes through the ring it is informed and partially made coherent, so that it carries the correct information, which may pass, for example, into a liquid substrate.

These emission frequencies may inform the alignment of proteins or reveal the same electromagnetic pre-biotic conditions as those of the so-called "primordial broth". Several frequencies can be summed together - multiples, sub-multiples (harmonics) of the main frequencies, thus producing a sort of palette which may contribute to inform the various levels of biological forms.


The inserts of the mattress are splints of plastic treated and informed with WHITE HB technology, allowing for constant water regulation in the body of the person using it. It is very easy to use - just lay down on it! The information within the acrylic plates of the mattress regulates the body via the water within the body. It is excellent for physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, reflexology, acupuncture or any other therapy where the client lays on a couch.

Piastras for the energy regulation of the environment and the human body

These small plates are made of the same material as the Motherboard and send out the signal of biological super-coherent water, which is found in healthy, vibrant living systems.

Environment (Homekit, Travelkit)

If the piastras are placed in an enclosed area such as a room of a house (4 environmental piastras placed near the corners) they transmit natural biological signals, which gradually transform anything negative in the environment, and then increase the vitality of the environment.

The Body (Button Piastras - new product coming soon)

An environmental piastra can be worn around the neck which will have a generally positive and protective effect. Additionally, for a more specific effect, button piastras can be used on acupuncture points, reflexology points. When placing these button piastras on a specific point, a state of super-coherence will be induced via the water within the area of that point. This restores the correct vibrational state of that specific energy meridian.

In this sense, the energy meridians represent some vibration in the communication canals of the body, in which the signal is mainly of the pure informational type (phase coherence), and the coherence of the button piastra considerably improves its efficiency.

The kit is equipped with 10 button piastras which are applied to reflex points with a simple piece of medical adhesive tape, and a mini-motherboard to keep the button piastras active and clean (the regular motherboard is also suitable) for the 10-minute re-charge between sessions. These button piastras can replace the usual acupuncture needles, or they can be used alongside them (you place them as near as possible to the needles). The application time ranges between 10 minutes and the typical length of an acupuncture session.

Sounds (Holographic Body) - (new product coming soon)

HeavyLight Holographic Body Sounds use the bio-energetic therapeutic principles developed by W. Reich. These principles are based on specific body succussions enabling the release of muscular tensions which make up the so called 'somatic-energetic' personality shield of the body. Sound represents an excellent instrument for inducing succussions on the body, as each sound is literally described as a pressure wave at variable frequency, thus wielding a certain oscillating force on any body it meets.

HeavyLight Holographic Body Sounds are especially characterized by a particular range of frequencies, through which energy balancing can occur. Sounds are produced by using a high-resolution sound recording of HL super-coherent water whirlpools, mixed with random noise generators.

Holographic Body Sounds offer different kinds of sound effects for approximately 40 minutes. Sounds are recorded on CDs, which can be used on any CD player. Sounds can be activated only if an HL plate (mini motherboard or motherboard) is placed either on or under the CD player. The sounds can be listened to with or without headphones and is effective at any volume.

A real 'sound environment' is produced which embraces and surrounds us completely, resulting in a persistent condition of energy redistribution and balancing. Sounds are even more effective if played while practicing energy work, such as Qigong, Tai Chi, Yoga etc. It is worth remembering that masters love practicing near the intense vital roaring water of a waterfall in the wilderness.

The use of headphones directly worn on the body (not necessarily on the ears to hear the sounds), leads to a more direct and a more physical use of bio-energetic succussion (of the Reichian type). So the closer the sound is to the body, the better.

The 4 CDs

CD1   Relax/Balance: The Morpheus (HLM ) balancing and calming effect is predominant.

CD2   Meditation: This CD takes you on a journey from the high Infinity (HLI) and Vortex (HLV) to the middle (HL ES) and finally the low (HL1B and  HL One), i.e. among the three brains: neo-cortex (comprehension), mammal brain (emotions), hippocampus (instincts, survival).

CD3  Purify: This helps purification. It focuses on the HL QI frequency and reaches HL1B and HL One, in order to drain the energy excesses.

CD4  Force/Root: It helps the rooting and the elevation of the vital force of regeneration. It starts from the high Infinity (HLI) and moves towards Black (HL1B) and HL ONE with Morpheus (HLM) intervals leading to a greater depth and stabilization of the rooting.




Among the doctors using WHITE® technology in Italy, it is worth remembering the main pioneers of its use in the field of energy therapies:

Doc. Elio Sermoneta (doctor, dentist, information medicine, Milan), Doc. Marco Del Prete (doctor, nephrologist, acupuncture and homotoxicology, Milan), Doc. Ruggero Balzaretti (doctor, endocrinologist, Chinese traditional medicine and physiotheraphy, Drezzo, Como), Doc. Fabio Letizia (doctor, osteopath, Milan), Doc. Fiorella Lucani ( psychologist, Rome, NATA), Doc. Albarosa Mazzi (doctor, homoeopath, verona), Doc. Lorenzo Stizzoli (osteopath, Verona), Doc. Giovanni Pavesi (doctor, pain theraphy, Lodi), Doc. Nicola del Giudice (doctor, homeopath, president of the Italian Homoeopathic Foundation, Naples), Doc. Mauro Alivia (doctor, cardiologist, anthroposophical medicine, Milan).


NOTE: HeavyLight products do not represent a medical treatment or its surrogate. On the contrary, they fit into an individualised strategy, in order to further a total rebalancing of the human being and of the environment in which they live and interact.



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