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The Mirror World Cube is rather beautiful; it is made of Plexiglas that has been treated with electromagnetic signals in the microwave range. When you hold it up to the light you can see the reflections and refractions of the various mirror-world planes inside the cube. If you look at it from above it looks like there is a staircase inside it. Depending on the angle of observation the cube seems to invert and convert much like Necker's cube, which is a geometry that describes a rotation through a multi-dimensional hyperspace.

Necker's cube
The resonance of the cube has been measured to a distance of approximately five meters. This may vary slightly if there are obstructions in a room like lots of furniture. When the cube is placed in a small office or a bedroom say, it converts the energy transmissions of the environment, both the ambience and the energy of living things like plants, animals and people, into a more balanced resonance.

The Cube's use in Refrigerators

dimension 5 x 5 x 5 cms (2 x 2 x 2 inches)

The main use of the Mirror World Cube is in refrigerators. The resonance of the cube acts upon the food and drinks in storage, altering the information that is contained in the food establishing a more pristine condition or energetic balance.

An apple in an orchard is pristine in its “appleness” there is no extra information. But add fertilizer and pesticides and the hand of the person that picked it and those that packed it for shipment, and new information is added, and then there maybe the little logo sticker and the shop's price sticker, and the hands of customers that handled the apple before you bought it, which all adds to the total resonance or information of the apple.

The additional information is an unwanted complication. In a way you could say it's how the apple starts to get sick.

The Mirror World Cube placed in your refrigerator acts as a subtle protector of the environment inside the fridge. Most people that see the cube fall in love with it instantly, there is magic to it that can't be explained in words.


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