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The Network Mattress is very similar to a Yoga mat. It is made of high quality, alcantara, which is a durable cloth that has the aesthetically pleasing look of brushed suede. The mattress is light and portable, it weighs just 2,9 kgs (6.4 lbs). In it are inserted seventeen splints of plastic, each is approximately forty-five centimetres in length and eleven centimetres wide. The inserts have been treated with electromagnetic signals that permanently lock in a resonance that is in harmony with the fundamental frequencies of life. When you lay on the bed it evokes a sense of security and wellbeing.

dimension 166 x 54 cms (65.4 x 21.3 inches)
Used by Practioners

The Network Mattresses are usually used by practioners that offer healing massage or alternative therapies like Shiatsu or Acupuncture. The Network Mattress is designed to fit over massage tables. It is used to take the patient or client to a more balanced resonance in order to heighten the effectiveness of the treatment offered.

Some of the Network Mattresses are in private use. These are usually purchased by people that meditate on a regular basis, or those that use altered states of consciousness for their work: remote viewers, psychics, distant healers, or those that utilize trance states for visioning. Just ten minutes on the bed, five minutes face down and five minutes face up, are enough for it to create its resonance effect. Though the usual length of time on the mattress is between thirty minutes to an hour.

The Electrodynamic “Straining Effect”

How the Network Mattress works. Italian physicist, Prof. Del Giudice says that there is deep presence of coherent quantum electrodynamics in all living matter; imagine it as a unique signal or field emitted by all living things. Our human body is also a coherent system, it operates very efficiently using very little energy; it is the excess of information and unwanted energy that causes a dullness of resonance, illness and stagnation.

The Network Mattress uses the signals of the human body to strip out stagnation and to induce the body to release any disturbance, (like stored emotional pain), in the dynamics of its resonance charge. The inventor of the mattress, Alberto Tedeschi, describes this releasing process as “electro-dynamics straining.” This is because the mattress acts to filter or strain out dullness in the resonance of our morphic field.

When we release stale or excess clusters of information stored in the body we allow for a new, coherent, dynamic resonance to envelop our system. Tedeschi says that a clean, open resonance, and a simple diet are the keys to our natural healing power. The effect of the Network Mattress is uncomplicated and tender in its fine balance, it is hard to describe but people say there is sweetness to it; lying on the mattress evokes a sense of bliss.


The plastic splints inserted in the mattress are removable so that the mattress can be dry-cleaned or washed at a hand-warm temperature of 30° Celsius.


The Network Mattress is available in grey or red. It can be easily folded and comes with a nice carrier bag.


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