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The Motherboard is a HeavyLight resonance plate designed to balance the energy of water, oil and food by direct contact. Other than the light pens it is one of our most popular and recommended product. This is perhaps because the Motherboard has a defined, every-day purpose that customers can easily feel and detect. The material is technically manufactured in a similar way as the Piastra that is sold here that one wears as a necklace for protection, except that the Motherboard is much wider and more powerful in its effectiveness.

dimension 22.6 x 14 x 2.5 cms (8.9 x 5.5 x 1 inches)
The board resonates with an electro-dynamic frequency spectrum that is similar to the resonance of water at a very low viscosity. While the Mirror World Cube we sell acts as radiant energy in a small space, like a refrigerator, the Motherboard is more powerful in that it acts in direct contact with water, food and remedies (see below) that are placed upon it. The technology is derived from a well-proven WHITEŽ holographic bio-resonance device that is widely used by medical doctors especially in Italy.

The function of the Motherboard is to increase the dynamic energy of organic materials placed on its surface.

It does this by removing unnatural and unwanted energetic information from the water or food, bringing its resonance close to a zero-point energy. The least information water or food contains the higher its dynamic resonance and nutritional value. Even a label on a bottle of mineral water imparts unwanted information into the water, as well as, of course, the bio-resonant energy of the hands of anyone that touched the bottle or the food before you ingested it. Water and food that is purchased in shops is complicated by excess amounts of additional information, so it is potentially polluted and unwell.

Here is an example from daily life. A person that worries and thinks a lot suffers from "excess information." Stress is an overload of electricity in the neurons of the brain. When a person becomes too complicated and neurotic their resonance becomes cloudy and their immune system falters. The optimum healthy state is that of a person that is serene and untroubled by an information overload.

The Motherboard acts to restore the pristine naturalness of food and water that is placed on it.


Water takes one minute on the Motherboard to reach its ideal state. (If it is bottled water remove the printed label first). Once the water is rephased it becomes energetically more compatible with the tissue of the body and it becomes what we call, “opened water”. When water of this quality is drunk the body releases the clusters of old, stored information, you become more energetically open and more aware.

That is why health practitioners use the Motherboard, for it allows the body to receive information more easily from sources such as Bach flower remedies, HeavyLight pens, as well as homeopathic and herbal remedies etc. Because re-phased water is so close to a zero-point state its effect is to AMPLIFY information that you receive from the remedies. In tests, the HeavyLight pens are seen to double in their effectiveness and some herbal remedies were seen to triple in their effectiveness. It also helps to place the remedies (except homeopathics!) on the board for a minute or two prior to giving them to your clients.

When using the Motherboard for fruits, vegetables and dry goods, the time required on the board is approximately 10 minutes. Oils require less time because of its liquid composition, approximately 3 minutes will do, and water as said, is ready in one minute. Every component of a meal can be put on the Motherboard before cooking – water, oil, wheat, pasta, rice, cheese, vegetables etc. It is particularly effective for removing "stored fear" in the meat of animals that have been put to slaughter.

Customers report that the taste of food from the Motherboard is more delicate and there is less need to add salt and other flavourings. Some people can even detect the difference in the taste of water that has been placed on a board.


The Motherboard complements the HeavyLight Pens, maximizing their effectiveness in a very easy-to-use way. Once you have cleared the food to its zero-point state on the Motherboard, shine your HL pen on it for a minute or so. Then you have the frequency of the HL Light in your food uncluttered by any other information.

Hot drinks or hot foods should not be placed on the Motherboard, as these could damage it.

A foot note: Dr. E. Sermoneta and his research group in Italy have used the Motherboard to boost the quality of Kinesiology. Before a treatment both he and his patients drink a glass of re-phased water. This allows a good resonance between the two bodies and eliminates the need for any “warm up” exercises. It enables the Kinesiology to be performed very easily with a high degree of precision.

This of course could be applied to other complementary therapies where it is useful to have a good resonance between the client and practitioner.

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