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HLTK   A PIASTRA, which is Italian for a tile, is a surface usually made of a highly coherent material like plexiglas that is treated with our light. You can wear the little piastra as a necklace, or place the piastra in your home or work environment. The PIASTRA is an environmental re-phaser, which reproduces quantum vacuum fluctuation. It dissolves low energy electro-magnetic fields that come into contact with it; fields that hold information which is against the right balance of coherence inside a confined space, or a biological area and soils.


The piastra technique is based on the macro-aspects that electromagnetic fields with very low power cause on living matter. HL is able to re-establish the environment's original energetic potential, the one that is necessary to keep all living systems clean and healthy. This means HL applications work on enclosed spaces, rooms, buildings, etc. and it can also be used on an open space, like a garden for example.

Nature, in its complex manifestation, seems to work following a principle of minimum energy, where the signals of very low power are transmitted by morphic resonance. HL works on wave configurations and on low-field powers and it finds the balanced vibrational order of the enviroment.

Enclosed places, especially in cities, are usually filled with many different unhealthy wave fields. Biological tissues absorb these values and hold them indefinitley until the body itself is able to get rid of them. There are two critical aspects. First, the absorbed field is joined with the right ones that are connected with the correct biological functioning of the body, this causes an immediate distortion of the natural wave form, and the second aspect deals with the long term effect of detrimental waves, which is known to be a problem.

By using HL on the environment one can change a defined space to its original values which are connected to biological life. No other value can survive because it is disintegrated by the HL piastra. In this way, we protect our body and the space we live in and all living creatures around us from all unhealthy and damaging wave fields. The piastra keeps living systems clean and healthy.


  • protects you from harmful low energy waves
  • takes a confined space back to its original, real energetic potential
  • helps the cleaning of unhealthy waves absorbed by all living systems (human, animal, fauna)
  • cleans a building’s overall elctromagnetic field
  • takes an outdoor space to its original conditions, stimulating nature's growth and the renewal process

How to use the various PIASTRA products:

  Piastra Necklace: A perfect personal protection for the day and night. It can be worn around the neck or just put into a pocket of one’s clothing.
  Home kit: You can mount one piastra in each of the four lower corners of a room using the plexiglas distance-holders supplied.
HLTK   Travel kit: For use when traveling. Contains four piastras AND one piastra-necklace.You lay the piastras out in the four corners of a confined space, for example in a hotel room.


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