What do HeavyLight products do?

Every emotion that we experience good or bad is written in our body cells i.e. in the water inside the cells. These various pieces of information are located at different levels of the body's tissues and cells. The oldest information relates to childhood. From a pureley energetic point of view and according to the holographic essence of the body, this is located in brain cells in the cerebellum and in the DNA-RNA cell structures.

For example, let us consider a child who has had a very bad experience, such as being attacked by a dog. At the time of the accident, this strong negative emotion will be written on the surface of the psychosomatic information storage system of the body, i.e. the biochemistry of the cell membranes, the tissues of the muscles and the intestine. DNA-RNA energy will not be involved yet. If this negative information is not promptly removed, it begins to move deeper into the higher biological systems, like the brain cells and the DNA-RNA structures.

Thus the now-adult child is, unconsciously, still relating to that old negative emotion. This person will be limited by his or her old retained fear of a dog attack and even simple images of this animal can provoke an anxious state of mind. Consider also the storage of this negative information, which requires a good deal of energy that is "stolen" from normal bodily activities, therefore reducing its capacity to work properly. This, what might be termed, so called "energy stagnation" is located at different levels of stratification, depending on the time that we have allowed it to remain within. Now the question is, how can we get rid of this negative information, which is conditioning us even if we have consciously forgotten it?

This conditioning absorbes “life energy” and can be compared to the scenario suggested by the movie "MATRIX", in which human beings are used as energy batteries. In any case, we are indeed energy batteries which provide the power of "life". The question remains: to which part of reality do we want to give power through our lives? To the "ponderous" part - continuing therefore to sustain this energy through nourishing our stagnation and conditionings, or to the "light" part - purifying us of old burdens.

To empower what has just been defined as a "light" life, we must learn to dissolve all that energy sta-gnation and the conditionings we received through the genetic information of our familial biological roots. In order to completely remove them, we must work at the physical level, because the information we have collected during our life has become locked into our body’s cells.

The HL light works on the bio-energetic field at the deepest level of the cells to harmonize and balance the body. Using the HL light is the best method of dissolving and harmonizing the disturbed electro-magnetic frequencies produced by energy stagnations. The way these HL lights work may also be explained through the QED (Quantum Electro Dynamics) of Quantum Physics.


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